lilithcat (lilithcat) wrote,

my head feels like it is too small...

Congestion of the nose and chest... right now i feel like even if i tried, i would not be able to draw a full breath. Damned molds... ack... my nose is icky, and itchy. Why is it that i have to be allergic to stuff that is prevelant when it rains or when the weather changes?

Good Grief Charlie Brown... My kitty Frankie is sitting on the computer desk where he doesn't belong... only because i won't let him sit in my lap at the moment. I am much more comfy with my feet in the chair.

I can't wait for the weekend of the 27th!!!!

For those of you who know me, you know why... for those of you who don't... well maybe you will figure it out??? who knows.

Cripers... I need to sneeze, i think. I have been feeling this way for 3 nights and 2 days, and much more of it and I may go mad!

Well the need to cry has passed, thanks to better living through chemistry. Oh if only I had the money to invest in Pharmacutical stock... I would be at least making my money back for what I pay for shit I need to take, to have some sembelance of a normal emotional state (wooooo... that was a run-on sentence from hell, plus i am not sure if i spelled sembelance right... ahhh well.).

Ack my nose feels like it should just fall off my face.

My b/f was really nice tonight (errr yesterday night). He made a home cooked meal!!!! YAYAY!
I love it when he cooks. But I hate doing the dishes after. I suppose that is a small price to pay for a home cooked meal.

God I know I can be a bitch, but I just had to erase like 2 sentences due to the fact they were not nice, no not nice at all!

GRRRRR when my sinuses are congested my brain gets congested too. My thinking takes longer the worse the congestion. And it is also much more silly. Ahhh well... I think I am off to bed now!

The Queen of Typos is away!
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